It’s so good until it’s not

I know that eating pizza, burgers, fries, and drinking beer are all bad for you but what else can you do if that’s all that’s ever available? Everywhere I go with my friends leaves me with no choice but to eat this way and while I’m not physically dependent on it, I’m certainly socially dependent on it. I’m not in good shape but society says to love yourself. I can’t love myself when I’m fat, but I’m too overpowered by society to do anything about it…

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i hear you! It is a daily struggle to eat healthy. The pressure can come from friends AND family.
For years now I will eat healthy before I go out. Then when out I will get a salad. Almost every place has salad! That way I can still participate (and save money!) Eat the burger, skip the fries. Ask for a pickle instead of fries. Small changes add up making a difference. Talk about food comas! The point being with tact help others to see/feel how the wrong food is really making them feel…

I also had to stand my ground a lot with my family. After a long time they started to ease up on the comments. They started to realize that when I brought my own food to family dinners I was not insulting them, I was, am taking care of myself to my best ability. But I had to explain it over and over.

Turns out that that constant effort to explain myself and risk of being a bit outside the group paid off. They actually began to see that healthy eating is the wise thing to do. Fortunately a lot of the world is beginning to see it too.

My opinion of myself became stronger which made it easier and my opinion of myself is more important than what anyone else thinks.

Start small and keep going!

Bon appetit!

ps When I brought food I always brought enough to share! Another way to win them over!