My look at “Rock Bottom”

Rock Bottom is an emotional state of mind not a physical place.. the scary thing about “rock bottom” is that it can always get worse. We hit our “rock bottom” when we as individuals decided we have had enough and it’s time for a change. Because reality is the only time “rock bottom” can’t be any worse is when we are dead. Rock bottom is accepting failures, accepting your hardships and realize it’s not a life to be dwelling and not allowing yourself to go any lower. It’s a realization that you deserve better. It’s the light bulb in your head that goes off and you realize, wow that was a hard moment in my life, but it’s over and I’m better and stronger because of it. Know this to anyone that feels like they are alone when they hit their bottom.. you’re not there’s always that one friend, that one family member.. that one stranger holding their hand out waiting for you to realize “this is my rock bottom and now I’m climbing up”

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So “rock bottom” is really a firm foundation then right? Not an ending but a beginning.
Thank you for this. Instead of having nothing left I have everything…
this idea is growing on me…