Stay Alive <3

My life has been so secure lately.
However, my mind feels lost.
I will be sourrounded by people but my whole world is masked with frost
Who would’ve known this was the cost
The reality.
It’s been over 365 days
525600 Minutes
And I still feel numb.
I have this array of a smile but it’s as meaningless as a crumb
Why ask for help
when you have always been the one who delt
Most days my mind runs
Free of affliction
It’s slays me to say I struggle with this addiction
A shame so strong I’m Unsure it will ever leave.
How can I ever be okay with me?
I made a promise to myself
To stay alive.
At this moment in time.
That’s the last thing I strive


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Rachael you are fantastic! Give yourself a hug, a thousand hugs! It isn’t easy but you are doing it! You have given yourself the greatest gift by promising to stay alive. You have given yourself the gift of hope, possibility, the gift of everything really. Being alive means anything is possible; so along with all the down feelings etc, make plans and start doing things. Things that make you grow, (help others) things that help you enjoy life (draw, skate, collect,)…fill your life with verbs. Love, like, cry, smile, scream, laugh, walk hike run hop read watch eat did I say love others and laugh…

You write well. Join a poetry slam…

Rachael what and whom are you comparing yourself to when you say “how can I ever be okay with me”? You are wonderful just the way you are just as much as anyone else is. The thoughts you have about yourself are the only thing getting in your way. You don’t owe anyone anything, you haven’t failed at anything. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of. You are you and that is great!

I hope that you will learn to relax, enjoy the little things in life and know just how magical you are! And thanks for taking care of yourself, I appreciate it. Truly