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You are helping her by being her friend. Maybe you could read up on the subject and learn some tools that would help you help her as well as be tools for her to help herself. Research behavior modification, depression, anorexia…

You could find a support group and offer to go with her (drag her if need be maybe).

Don’t know the relationship you have with her family but you could try talking with them when your friend isn’t around.

You can encourage her to talk about all her feelings, let her “get it out”

You know how there is AA and there is Alanon for friends and family of those suffering with alcohol abuse? Find a support group for those with friends/family going through eating struggles. Even if it is a bit of a drive go to the meetings. Then maybe you could get a meeting started in your area…

Your caring is wonderful, your friend is blessed indeed.

Please let us know what you find to do to help her so we can pass on the info too…

ps be sure to take care of yourself during this time too