*screams to the void*

So yeah. I got awfully scolded, yelled and insulted by everyone in my household, ’cause I refused to wash my brother’s cloth (who doesn’t even live here anymore) that is 11 YEARS OLDER than I am because he is an asshole and is disgusting and he can’t even say please. He just enters the house like he own the place and everyone in it, places the ton of disgusting, smelly cloth infront of me and in a demanding tone says: “when I come back I want this clean and folded”. Look. I have time to do it. We have a washing machine. Is the easiest thing to do IS NOT A PROBLEM taking about an hour of my day to do it and maybe half hour later to fold it. The problem is the way he says it. And It happens all the time. I am so tired of it. I REFUSED and he complained to my mother like a baby (He is f***ing 31! Years! Old!) saying he always does favors for me and I can’t do this for him (again) and that I insulted him (which didn’t happen, at all. I barely said “no”). And last time I checked you don’t get charged 100 bucks for favors. That were not even mine! Where my mom’s favors that we had to do together. So, seriously? I’m done and am not allowed to move away until next year that I am 21 and can legally complain independence when they try to take me back. And I am just… Holding up all my emotions in a pocker face until is finally nighttime so I can cry the cholera off without being scolded for it.
F***… I just… I need a freaking hug or something. Sorry to bother.

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Over the miles where ever you are I am hugging you. Put your arms around yourself so you can feel it. You are right you are worth being treated with kindness , you are wonderful! You are not a bother. You are doing well waiting out a tough situation.

What plans are you making? Doing something (developing working skills) might give you more hope…

Meantime know that I am hugging you and praying for you