*screams to the void* pt 2

I’ve had troubles making friends since always. I mean. In person everyone is cool with me, we have fun. They even asks for advises or stuff. However, if I send them a text or something they never answer. Never invited out or have rewuest of going out accepted. I mentioned before here I think they just come when they have something to ask from me. Now, I found this site that is anonymous and cool and you can talk about things you like. They are so cool! They encouraged me to draw the stuffs I liked and write about them and told me how much they liked them and asked for more and shared stuff. seriously… Is the most encouraging and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. For what happened earlier my mom has banned the internet from me, meaning I can no longer talk to them. I am only allowed an hour or 2 if I have homeworks (which I have to do under supervision now). She took away the computer and drawing pencils. I think she is also considering taking away my books.
So… I lost my brigde to people I was finally able to befriend and the things I love to do are going too one by one.
I feel so empty and full right now. I am in the paper star #54 and still making more because this wierd lonely feeling in my chest is not going away. Any suggestions? Once more thanks for the venting place.

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Vent all you want, please. Can you learn to meditate? Can you day dream? Can you try to find some other things to enjoy, draw with sticks in the soil or draw with a needle, thread and material. Can you take walks, volunteer somewhere, to you have a temple or church to go to..

You are an imaginative person (you like to draw and make star) so let your imagination run free and you will come up with all sorts of suggestions for yourself!!

Let me/us know what you do. Hugs and prayers,