How do you know if you’re crazy

How do you become self aware when you’re constantly changing. When nothin gabout you is consistent and you feel like you have no control. or control half the time. I go periods of really having my shit together and ones where I’m an absolute hot mess. There’s ones in between. One day I’m paranoid of everyone and everything. The next I’m an open minded friendly confidant loving person. Some days I wanna be like Jesus. Others I think it’d be fun to see what hell is like. It’s not all opposites though. Not just ups and downs. There’s in betweens. Point is I’m the most inconsistent person I know and i don’t know how to control it people are starting to notice I’m less okay at keeping my shit together now and people love to say “you’re not crazy” because who’s first response to a cry for help isn’t to try and be reassuring. But what the hell do they know what if I am crazy. I’m so used to being taught to jut shove you’re feelings down I wouldn’t know how to find out. How do you know if you’re crazy

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Excellent question. I don’t think there is such a state as crazy per se. What matters is that you are not comfortable with the swings. Not to say we are nothing but chemicals but. Hormone imbalance for example might be the cause for your inconsistency. ( I am assuming you don’t do street drugs and I am assuming you are not on any medication where this could be a side effect.)

You seem to be self aware already! And wise. Shoving our feelings down doesn’t make them go away. They will show themselves some how. They are telling us something. …

Most of us aren’t skilled in the area of feelings and/or chemical imbalances. But there are people who have educated themselves so they can teach us how to be in charge of our feelings. How to work with them, what to do with them etc.

They will tell you you are not crazy. Not only to reassure you (and I hope you are reassured). If you have a family doctor talk with them. They can be a great resource for connecting with trained individuals. They can also check other body functions like thyroid etc.

Remember even Jesus got angry, questioned himself, doubted his own sincerity and worthiness. We all do at times over the course of our lives. Shoving them down is not the way to try to work with them. Let them out to yourself and maybe a trained listener. It is great that you are trying to figure yourself out so you can live a more comfortable life.

Speaking from experience medication can help with chemical imbalances. From thyroids (yes thyroids that are not working correctly can wreak havoc with our personalities etc) to brain chemicals. You have to learn to work with it though. Can’t just take it…

We all care so please let us know what you do . Plus what you do and what you learn might help me and other people too.

We all learn to walk with the feet we are born with… We all have to learn to handle our feelings…We all learn the many skills to function in the society we are in. Yet there is very little teaching of skills to work with our feelings. But there has been no greater time than now to find the people in your area who are prepared to do just that!

Just asking the question “Am I crazy” is a great first step to learning. You have started your journey to become all you can be!!