I’ve been like really depressed again lately.. the holidays always get to me.. but um I’ve been finding it really hard to sleep.. every time I try to sleep I hear voices.. and there’s one voice that sticks out and he’s laughing and he says “I told you, you’ll never sleep again” .. and well I’m scared

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That’s actually a highly common phenomenon. It’s traditionally called “Exploding head syndrome” [I know, not too nice a name is it?] It’s a more common form of audio hallucination that manifests itself as a loud noise such as a car horn, train, explosion [hence the name] that happens at the instant you fall asleep and jolts you awake. Though not as common I also experience human noises like screaming, whispering, laughing. Its likely a mixture of depression, anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, and in my case I’ve been diagnosed with a slight slight bit of budding schizophrenia all in a dark quiet space where imagination can run wild. All this doesn’t change the fact that it can be a really scary and worrisome experience. I hope that at least learning about the cause helps a bit.. Though remember, if he’s coming from you then you’re in control.