I feel SO. ALONE.

I recently left a city because I was too depressed to function there. And I thought my friends would care, that they would miss me or reach out to me or…anything.
But life moves on, you know? Without me, life is just as serene and perfect as it was before. And I am so lonely. I miss my friends, I don’t have new friends, and I’m just desperately lonely. And the thought comes that…I’d be happier dead. And they wouldn’t miss me. So what’s the harm?

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Life is not just as sincere without you as it is with you. You matter. Even if you’ve heard the opposite, you need to know the truth. You are important. Try reaching out to your old friends, see what they say. There is a time in life where there is a reason for change and this may be it. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be lonely forever. You know what, you’ll probably meet the most awesome best friend you’ll ever have in the next few months. Life will completely turn around. Just remember, you matter and things are already in their way to getting better.


Maybe your friends back in the city felt a hole when u left and now they have had to “close it over and move on” You too are feeling a hole and have to mend it over and move on. It does not mean they didn’t like you… Maybe they are confused as to why you left…

Happier dead. How do we know that? … You can be happier here and now. The best way to get from this world is to give. The trick is to give without expecting to get.

Why did you leave the city? What are you looking for? Are you a member of any type of group? club? Do you volunteer anywhere.

What causes do you find interesting? What might you dedicate yourself to? There you will find camaraderie and that will grow into friendships.

The world needs you. I need you! Please join the team of those trying to make the world an even better place. We need you and want you with us.