i am stuck

first of all i am sorry for my speech, english is not my native. so. i dont even know have i problem or not. but over three or four years i feel like stuck somewhere. once i made some bad thing to myself. i brought myself almost to anorexia. and in that moment of my life i inspired myself with the idea that we are just a shell for feelings and thoughts. from that and on i started to lose feel of happiness, satisfaction. lose interest to live. gosh i dnk what to do. i have no one fck person to speak to. i am a university student. first year. and it supposed to not to escapee even one lesson, but i kind skip in sum abt a month already. i just cant handle and make myself to go for study. or learn new stuff. i just stuck in the situation and cant let it go. and cant deal. help me smb pls. i dont know what to do. sometimes it seems to me i just lazy or not used to do important and responsible thing. but but it doesnt work. i speend a lot of days just waching motivation video or succeed person. but it kind work only for a day or two. i m burning insede and i cant i dont know fck

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Hi! Does your university have a student center where you can go an talk with someone? I remember feeling like you have described. When I finally spoke with some people educated in psychology I learned that I was depressed. Suffered from a long standing depression. (Some times I still don’t believe it but it is true).

You describe the feeling as being stuck. I describe it as being under a very wet heavy blanket (which is of course being stuck!)

I wasted many years by not talking with professionals and then wasted 3 more years by not taking the medication they suggested. The medication is not a cure all. It helps to lift the blanket, to loose the feeling of being stuck. Then I was able to work on undoing alot of negative thought habits . Of course life is an ongoing lesson…

I knew a woman, family friend, school teacher, who told me I was lazy. She didn’t recognize the depression either. I am not saying that you suffer from depression. I am not an expert. But I can hear what you are saying loud and clear so I encourage you to not waste another day of your precious life trying to sort it out on your own. Go find some counselors (it make take meeting several before you find one that clicks for you).

Please KEEP going to class and doing your work. Don’t let these heavy emotions take your education from you. Don’t let these stuck emotions make decisions for you.

One last thought. We are humans on earth so yes our bodies are “shells for our feelings and thoughts”. We are stuck with that at this time. But we are not just shells; our bodies not only allow us to live they can bring us soooo much joy. Wind in your hair, taste of favorite food, a kiss, a hug a laugh. We can see delightful things, we can hear music, …
It seems to me that our thoughts create our feelings. And we can learn specific tools for controlling or developing our thoughts and there fore our feelings.

Your body is the vehicle you will use to go find people who can help you identify why you feel stuck. The brain in your body will help you learn tools to handle your feelings and the sense of being stuck will become manageable and even disappear.

(Just saw your comment below. CONGRATULATIONS! You have made me SOOO HAPPY. (not that that matters but thanks anyway!!) Who ever gave you the prescription might be able to suggest someone you can talk too. There are folks out there who will help for free or at a low cost…)

Let us know how things go! You have started to “minus-the-negative”!!


So glad to hear you have starting to work with someone who will help you learn about yourself and to develop some tools. Keep us all posted. You not only can do it You ARE doing it!!!


Hi Kee,

How is it going?

Thinking of you,