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Thanks for telling us. Are you working with a therapist to learn tools that will help you get to know yourself? Being younger can be an advantage in that you can determine who you want to be without developing habits and a sense of yourself that you would then have to unlearn.

You are a wonderful, love-able capable person who happens to have MDD. It does NOT have to define you so I am so glad that you are looking for you apart from that. We use the phrase “searching for our identity” when really we can develop our identity. You can learn to be what you would like to be, for the most part. Meaning you may not be that patient, but you admire that in others so you can teach yourself patience! And that is just an example. That is what everyday is for! To develop our life’s philosophy , our faith. To learn skills and habits to make ourselves into who we want to be. Not just searching for who we were when we were born.

Glad you let us know. Please let us know what you are learning about yourself and how you are becoming who you wan to be.