Winter blues

It’s tough. I’m drowning. I’m just always sad for no reason. I don’t want to die, but this is not living. Other people complain about such little things, or vent to me and I’ve lost all compassion, all sympathy, all empathy. I snap when people make big dead about such little things. People who think they are special because they have issues. Don’t you see? We all do. You’re not special. Not for that. I’ve lost friends over this, and truthfully, I’m too depressed to care.

This post is nearly as scattered and overwhelmed as my thoughts. Thanks for listening.

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Thanks for letting us know. It took me 3 years to believe that I suffer from depression. Sometimes I still don’t believe it…But I have worked with some medical doctors and a few therapists and learned how to change my thought patterns. And well life is better. The medicine has helped to lift that sense of drowning which gave me some “room” to learn.

I hope you have some trained/educated people that you are working with regularly…

I agree we all have different issues that we have to learn about and learn how to work “with”. Your thoughts do not sound scattered to me. I know, there is just so much to say and some is so hard to explain in words. BUT keep it up. Write your thought here regularly it will help you get them out, get them a bit organized and a bit less overwhelming.

Thank you for listening.


Spring is coming! How are you? Thinking of you