Happy New Year

Guys. This year has been, hectic for all of us. Some more than others. I hope you are all ok. I hope you had a nice dinner. I hope this next year you get to be more motivated to move forward even when you feel everything against you. I hope this year is better than the last. I hope your problems stay in the year we just left. I hope you can all find happiness and win the fight against the demons that hunt you.
I hope sincerely from my heart, you guys have a Happy and bright 2018 and for you all to have the strenght to go through the days that are not. Thank you very much for the support. Especially Anna. Your words always help me a lot and I am and forever will be really grateful. Thank you to those who created this site for giving us all a place to vent our problems. God bless you all. <3

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!! You are so kind. I pray for you and all of us for big and small successes as we all learn about ourselves, about life, about living.

There is more joy, more love to be had than we can imagine and everyday is a fantastic opportunity to learn to open our hearts and minds to feel just a tiny bit of it.

The days ahead are ours to make them what we seek. Namaste (i know that is corny but soo true)!


Thank you so much for this! Having you on our site is a huge honor. Thank you for encouraging staying honest and encouraging others. Happy New Year!