I know

I know I want to fight. But I really don’t have it in me anymore.. it’s not like anyone would care if I stopped fighting. I bring my world to a stop for you. And yet I’m nothing to you. I’m nothing to all of you

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Trying so hard is so draining, I agree. It can be easier though. Don’t know the details of your situation but there is a place where you will feel cared for. It can take several places where we can go to find the various comforts we need.

A place to begin and end is in the comfort knowing that God, (the universe, the Tao,) loves you and you matter very much.

Another place to begin is to grow into your own best friend. Take good care of you. Be all you can be, for your sake.

Please seek out new people. Sometimes our family members and friends we have known just aren’t a fit. It is sad, disappointing but there is more than one way to have a “family” (a group that cares & supports you).

What do you like to do? Join a club or group for it. Start a group if one doesn’t exist where you are!

Join a church, temple, synagogue, mosque…

I don’t know if you mean “fighting” figuratively or not. Fighting doesn’t’ really get us anything but, well drained. Maybe you have given too much of yourself…keep your world going at all times, never stop it for someone else. No one should ever expect that of another person. Broaden your focus, see and do more with your day than giving so much…

Sounds like it might be time for you to give yourself some TLC and get back to “your world”.

You will be happier!

Hey let me know if this makes any sense ok, thanks.


Hello, how are you? thinking of you