3 year slump

I’ve been out of rehab for anorexia nervosa and non suicidal self injury and many other mental health issues for 3 years and i have definitely hit a slump. I miss rehab and I miss being sick. i miss the rush of not eating and seeing the number on the scale go down. ive been slipping up recently and i feel awful about it because I am supposed to be this big inspiration to everyone because I cheated death, yet here I am running back to it. I feel like a failure. I feel so numb…

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I understand missing rehab. The people there, the hope for the future that came from it, the attention, the support, the sense of security…..Is that what you miss too?

Maybe there are some other ways to get what you need. I found getting involved with a church was very helpful. Not just going there on Sunday but helping out, growing there.

For me anyway, setting and reaching goals is sometimes hard. But I started really really small and made sure I congratulated myself…

Maybe there is a support group you could go to. OR you could start one You can you know…

Please don’t feel like you failed. Life and learning are such processes that wind and twist and turn. You HAVE NOT failed. Just keep trying (not fighting!) and learning. One step or decision at a time.