Standing in the mirror

So I’m standing in the mirror and I’m hating myself. Wishing I didn’t look like the fat POs that I am.. it’s depressing when you try really hard and you can’t lose weight. And when you look at yourself and your world around you and so much seems off.. and as I’m stanfing in the mirror. I see my tattoo and I remember… I remember to “fight away the dark side of my mind” and I remember to fight. Leave yourself a reminder. Something that will never go away… no that’s not what my tattoo says. My tattoo is simple but it reminds me to not drown and to keep fighting.. it reminds me of better times and that there can be good times again

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A mirror tells you nothing about yourself, nothing about your value. Step away from any mirror. You are wonderful just the way you are. You matter just the way you are. Chant that to yourself, hum to yourself so you will know it is true from the inside. Mirrors can’t reflect what is inside a person…

There are as many body types as there are persons. For some no matter how much they try to lose weight, nothing happens. What is important is our/your health. Are you exercising at all? Commit to doing something that will tone your body, stretch your muscles, something that will build endurance. Make your body strong. That is the only “shape” to be in.

Start slow and stick with it. Exercise is a road to better times!


your body is a temple not a prison