I wish I could tell you.

I wish I could tell you how much you really mean to me. I tell you that I love you, I tell you that I care.. but I can’t seem to tell you you’re the reason that I’m here. I wanna end it because I’m afraid one day I’ll hurt you but at the same time I want us to be together forever I can’t imagine life without you.. it’s so hard I miss you all the time and lately you’ve been pushing back are still really mine? I’ve never felt this way be for I’ve been with dozens of other girls. But this is for real you really are my world. I wish I could tell you I’m afraid. Tell you that I’m not good enough you deserve so much more. But every day I fall in love even more

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Please don’t give soooo much of yourself away. You need to maintain your own value , your own goals, your own direction in life while you love someone. Remember to still do things you like, for your own sake. Being together is great but we need to be apart to keep the together times more interesting…

Keep developing yourself. Learn more things, more skill sets, do more things for others so that YOU are more satisfied with yourself. Then you will be more confident in what you have to offer someone.

Your devotion is admirable but please be careful. Remember to be devoted to your own life too. You can do both at one time!!