what’s the point

i, i just don’t know anymore. i can’t even write anything anymore, not even just a stream of consciousness. i can barely even get out of bed and, and i don’t know. i don’t know why i’m even feeling this way, i don’t have any reason, i don’t deserve to let myself feel this bad. what’s so wrong with me that i can’t even smile when nothing’s even happened. i just don’t know how to do this anymore, i don’t know how to even care. what’s the point in getting better when there isn’t even a reason to get better for.

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You sound like I did. Why did I always feel like crying, why did I feel everybody’s pain. I had such a nice life. …Took me 38 years to learn and accept that I suffer from depression. Took another 3 years till I would listen to the people who were trying to help me, and help myself by taking medicine.

The medicine made it easier to learn, accept, that I was suppressing anger, not allowing my emotions to exist. I wasn’t learning how to work with my emotions unless they were kind ones….the medicine make the task of learning possible…

Don’t know your situation but you might want to explore yourself with a learned professional. Don’t wait, the sooner the better.

ps the first reason to get better is YOU! The list goes on from there.