I’m starting to fantasize (again)

oh, god.
i’m having the fantasies again. as i’m driving, i hesitate until the last possible second before jerking the wheel to the side to turn with the road instead of face-planting into the concrete barrier. i close my eyes and try not to open them because when it’s dark, i don’t have to think about how much i’m so, so tired of this.
it’s not that i want to die or not be alive. it’s just, it hurts SO MUCH. every day is a new mental agony and i’m just sososo sick of it. i can’t do it anymore. i want it to stop.
i’m here because…no one that i’ve reached out to has any answers. there’s no one who can help me.

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Hey Betty,

We’ll be sending this out so you can get the feedback you need. Please reach out to the following number, they might be able to get the answers you’re looking for faster than we can.