*muffled scream*

Why do I keep being the third wheel? Everytime. Every single time. And I especially hate when I am casted aside and either of them teel me they arebtoo busy to hang oht or something and I find them out together and they make THIS FACE. Like “fuck, she saw us.” and this apologetic smile that is more like pity. That look of pity. I am sick of it. Why can’t I just have friends or classmates or people I KNOW that don’t end up casting me aside. Is it so much to ask? Or at the very least don’t approach to befriend me just to then… Freaking leave me there. Like seriously. If you are going to leavee anyway JUST. STAY. AWAY. It hurts less. I just. I just want to stop being approached and casted aside. What do I do wrong? What do I keep doing wrong? What is wring with me???? I could change it if only someone would just tell me what it is! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Sorry. Thx for the place to vent.

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Oh Litleyellowkin maybe you should work on developing yourself and forget about all of them. Learn to enjoy your own company. Make a project or two. Learn to cook, sew, whatever you like. Learn to enjoy all that life has to offer around you.

It may all seem lonely at first but that will fade and then other people (from the ones now) will start to appear in your life and then you can share the thing you have in common, the project you were doing.

There are things we all have to learn to grow. But there is nothing about you you have to change.
PLEASE do not blame yourself. You are not a pawn in someone else’s relationships.

So what are you going to go do with your time? Exciting thought yes?!