I find the worst feeling in the world is being useless to a friend in need. Specially if its the only friend you have left. The only one that somehow still stays around even if they seem to go and come at their leisure. This friend needs what I can’t provide. I can’t provide them with lies. I feel they need to be given the reason to everything they say. Nod and hug and just accept everything they say and praise it. I feel they need their ego feeded. The ego and self-esteem that was crushed amazingly by people they trusted. People they wanted to trust in. Someone else is doing that. It is helping I guess, but I think that will also slap them on the face sooner or later. To the both of them. I feel they are going to crash. Cause they are lying to themselves. They are making blind eyes to the obvious for the need of this ‘kissing their ass’ care.
I must say nothing though. I can’t say it. I must let it pass. Part of me hopes this goes well. The part of me that desperately tries to shout the voice of logic, reason and experience from the truth my eyes can’t help to see. The truth I am not the only one that sees.
On a side not: Cramps can go to hell where they belong. Why Eve, why???

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Especially don’t say anything if you have cramps!! They mess with all emotions…ugh

Feeling unable to help isn’t a good feeling, I agree. But sometimes we are helping even though we may not see the effects right away or maybe even ever. Therefore don’t focus on results. Knowing you have tried and are trying is where your comfort lies.