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Basically its something that makes you happy. What makes you happy? Everyone has a different answer.
I get happy when I find a day I don’t get to hate myself.


The feeling of Happiness, to me is a feeling that doesn’t last long. It comes and goes, ebbs and flows.
Like Littleyellowkin said we each have our own idea as to what makes us happy.

Personally I am more interested in the state of contentment. For me it is a form of happiness with out as much of the fluctuation.

So tell us what do YOU think happiness is?


You know color don’t actually exist? Color its what our eyes perceives when the light touches an object. We perceive the color this same light reflects. Like black and white for example. White is seen as nothing, so is black. When in different formats of what we know as ‘color’ they are the combination of all the colors into one.
What we perceive could be thought as a lie. A lie our body gives us. But its wonderful isn’t it?
Our own body allows us to see a sunrise or a sunset and be amazed to this color. To this reflection of light.
That is happiness. Is something inside of you so simple and complicated at the same time. Its sometjing your body feels. It can come from eating something nice or watching a nice movie, reading a good book, watching a dog or cat or simple smiling to yourself at something stupid you remembered. Don’t focus on the big things. Don’t think if happiness as something big. Cause it can be small and still have a great impact in your day.


not worring about what others might think of me would be a happiness to me. being fully in control of myself would be a happiness to me. inner peace is a happiness. completely independant of good and bad opinions of others would be just perfectly good.


Happiness can sometimes seem like a fairy tale and we have all heard enough of them. But just like all of our emotions happiness is real. We have made it hard to feel it but it is there waiting for us….

Mement0mori you have a goal!! It is obtainable. You can teach/train yourself!

Certainly loving ourselves, accepting ourselves, flaws and all is very important and something we can learn. We can learn to forgive ourselves, to accept how we look, how we are. And WE get to pick an choose which attributes of our selves we want to keep and want to change. WE get to determine why and how.

We have to “work” to grow. We have to challenge ourselves (hard I know). Talking with ourselves, chant to ourselves, leave post it notes of encouragement, reminders of what to hang on to and what to let go. We have to be honest with ourselves and examine/ review our thoughts.

Listen to your thoughts. When you hear yourself say I wonder what they will think of this outfit?” Yell Stop!! Say something like “I like this out fit. Wonder if they will? Doesn’t matter I like this outfit”…

Alpinetsp6, When you have yourself say “Happiness is a lie” Yell STOP and think I remember when I felt X. (i.e. Something tasted delicious).
Thats a kind of happiness…

Littleyellowkin can see the magic in the colors in the world. That sort of thing is all over the place and is something we can learn to see.

The exploration of Happiness has been going on for centuries. Aristotle and Plato had a lot to say about it. Look them up!