I.. I know sometimes you ignore me and I guess that’s okay.. it’s whatever really.. just know I know.. and it hurts like hell

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I so hope you have said this to the person who is ignoring you sometimes.
Our world is so busy and the stresses make it even busier. I know there are times when I have “passed someone by” in my haste (Time or emotional haste). Sometimes I realize it and I am sure there are times I am completely unaware that I have…so let them know…

It does hurt, we’ve all been through it many times. So keep busy when that person is around (my mother says “don’t give them the time of day”. You have better things to do with your time, your emotions and your life. She is right…

Her other great saying is “this too shall pass”. Remembering that helps in that I begin to look forward instead of dwelling on the hurt.

To better days!