I just want

I just want you. I want you to be happy. I want you to be loved. I want you to be cared for.

I do all that.

I just want you to ask me how I am when you see I’m broken down.
I just want to know you love me the way I love you.

I just don’t wanna be another broken guy in life
I just want to feel like I’m special
I just want to feel

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I went to a retreat one time. I could not believe all the stories people were sharing about themselves. They were saying, one way or another, “i’m broken”. The whole time and long after I was annoyed. I have come to learn that accepting our brokenness is an important part of personal growth.

I also had to learn to accept that everyone has a brokenness to them. This was all very scary to me. Who was going to take care of me/us who was going to lead the way if we were all broken? Realizing that even in our brokenness we can take care of each other, world wide.

We all want to feel valued, special. Feeling special can get blown out of proportion. We are all humans. We are all of equal value. In that sense not special at all. HOWEVER you (each of us) matter soo much.

Have you examined “how you love” others? What are your expectations of others? How do you love yourself? Give to yourself what you give others and what you want to get from others. A strong sense of our selves and our own value makes life easier because we are less dependent on others for what we need.

YOU ARE SPECIAL, tell your self that over and over and over…tell till you know it from the inside out.

Realize some people (parents, friends, …..) are struggling, learning how to love. Some are not very good at it yet no matter their age. Maybe this person is not capable of giving you what you want. Not your fault, not theirs either really. But if that is the case it would be good to realize that and protect yourself….move on to giving yourself the affirmation you need.