Long post.

Hello to you all my name is alpinetsp6
Alpine. Mountains. Mountains life. But look at at the top of a mountain it’s beautiful. I imagine them pure snow covered. Climbed only by the brave. Climbed only by the strong. Only the successful make it to the top many die trying. Even more quit just before the summit.

I tell you this to really introduce myself
My name is lost
My name means nothing

I once was a climber and I’ve given up many times right before I’ve reached the top. I’m overcome many physical obstacles. Bad knees bad ankles. Migraines almost daily. Depressed. Poor communication with family. Closed doors and burnt bridges to many friends.

Now yes I have seen many beautiful things I’ve had several good times. I have fallen I’m here staring at a mountain but I’m belt even on a trail. I’m at the base of mountain. I look at myself as a dreamer of one day maybe being able to climb again or maybe needing to accept the fact that I’ll always be stuck at the bottom. Maybe I belong down here supporting those strong enough to climb. I’m no climber I’m no success. I’m here just watching everyone around climb to the top but I’ve been thrown from my peak. I wake up feeling cold on the ground. I wake up and I wanna pick up my stuff pack my bag and climb. But every step I take it hurts it’s to painful and I find myself back on the ground. Just gazing up a mountain. Gazing at life and I’m not sure anymore if I’ll ever see the top.

So I set up camp here wishing the best of those ready and strong enough to take the climb. To send love and help and knowledge of my journeys. Wisdom I have had and hope you all have better luck than I. Maybe one day I’ll join you on the trail help gather your thoughts repack your bags. Hand off what supplies I can do you can make it to the top. Take a picture for me and show me what’s it’s like.

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Aplinetsp6 your post reminds me that life has it’s challenges. It also reminds me of the idea that life is a journey not a destination.
I love that you are willing to help others with the abilities you do have and your knowledge. To me, that is where we all find the richest life, the most purposeful life.

Sometimes the disappointments in life (in your case not reaching the mountain top yourself) is what makes us great at helping others.
I hope you feel some measure of fulfillment from helping others. I hope you can say to your self “Good Job, Well done”.