I don’t want to die but..

Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
If I should die before I wake,
I thank you God this endless fate.
If I should live for other days,
I pray the Lord to ease the pain

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I will pray for your pain is ease too.
Don’t know if you are a member of a church or such. Becoming part of such a community goes along way to making life better…

God, you know all about Aplinetsp6. You know the struggles and the pain. i don’t; but I do know that his/her life will be changed for the better. I beg you to open Aplinetsp6’s eyes and ears and heart so that the blessings you send can fill up her/his life. As the days roll on, bit by bit lead Alpinetsp6 to do things that will be more fulfilling, enriching and just plain fun. Give the gift of self confidence. Let Aplinetsp6 KNOW that she/he is able to change and grow and that she/he is loved.


Can I ask a favor? You have re written a prayer for this post. I have always thought the original bedtime prayer to be a bit scary. Certainly not child appropriate! Can you rewrite it again? This time making it a positive prayer, a reassuring prayer for bedtime?

I can’t wait to read it. Thank you.

ps I will keep praying


Hello Alpintsp6!
So good to hear from you! I feel most comfortable here on MTN and it is just as easy as emailing so…hope you don’t mind.
Excited to read what your re write
Still praying for you and hope you are praying for you too!