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Have I ever,
I have cried, have felt like crying and wondered why. Yes.

I have learned to then pay attention to what it was I was thinking, or remembering some time before I cried (I was told it could be as much as a day ago).

With practice I am now able to find those thoughts and work through them. Sometimes in a flash and some times it takes time.
Some times they are deep thoughts or heavy thoughts. Sometimes it is something so simple I don’t admit to myself that is what is bothering me. But, then I have to admit it, work with it and move on.

There is a reason you cry and you know what it is, you just have to learn to listen to yourself. Fortunately that is a skill that everyone can learn and that includes you!

ps notice what might trigger the crying- a thought, something we see, a task you have to do or don’t get to do…you will find the reason